This past Sunday we got celebrate our Church and our Pastor as we rejoiced in God allowing us to be here for 10 years! Pastor Darrell had a vision 10 years ago and Liberation wouldn't be here without that vision and the heart behind it. Liberation is looking forward to another 10 years! Watch, Enjoy and be BLESSED! 

Being the community Christ has called us to be.

At Liberation United Church of Christ we believe that, in the family of God, no one is a foreigner or an outsider. We belong to the same human family and Jesus is the one who unites us. 


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Everyone is Welcome

Join us for service every Sunday at 1:30 pm in the sanctuary of Madonna Grace. 

832 32nd Ave
Seattle, WA 98122


See for Yourself

Want a taste of what a vitally progressive, radically inclusive, justice oriented church is like? Watch videos of our Sunday sermons, or take a look at one of Pastor Darrell's weekly One Minute Words. For more, please visit our video page.

Scripture: Mark 1:21-28
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