2018 Budget

Note: This budget was developed for and submitted with our application to the UCC Foundation's New and Renewing Church Fund. We applied for $30,000 in matching funds, but were given a grant for $40,000. 


Budget Narrative 


Liberation’s work has historically depended on the donated time and talent of those who feel called to serve here. Making use of volunteers willing to serve as pastors, pulpit supply, musicians, and office admins has allowed us to dedicate funds to our other programming,  but the time in which we can depend on volunteers to provide these services is near its close.  

 ● Pastor--Our pastor has moved into his call to ministry and is now serving as half-time pastor at Everett UCC. Everett has generously agreed to take on the cost of his health insurance and other benefits for now, but there is an understanding that Liberation will build capacity to shoulder a fair share of this financial burden in the future. We would like to begin by offering a yearly salary of $15,000, a rough quarter of the yearly suggested salary for a pastor in the UCC.  
Lead Musician--We have been enjoying the generously donated services of a talented musician, but the time in which she is able to serve has come to a close. We have another musician who is willing to provide his services at $800 per month, almost half of market value in the Seattle area. We agree that--especially as music is particularly central to our services--this must be a stepping stone towards offering a fair market rate. 
 ● Administrator--We feel that it is necessary to our ongoing stability to begin compensating the people who make our work possible. We would like to move our office administrator position from volunteer to a $15.00 per hour, five hours a week paid position.  
 ● Pulpit Supply--This would allow pulpit supply (guest preachers in the case of Pastor's absence) for 15 Sundays a year.  


Our rent at Madrona Grace is currently $450 per month (5.400 per year) in return for the use of the sanctuary for our afternoon service, an office, and occasional use of the building for Bible Study, meetings, and special events. Madrona Grace requires us to carry insurance, which costs us $1,140 per year.  


We recently moved our website (www.mylucc.org) to Squarespace, which will make it far easier for us to maintain an up-to-date site. We would like to add a social media management system this year to help us reach more people and keep those already aware of us aware of our continued work. Additionally, we will be dedicating funds to promotion and outreach.  

Office and Printing--$3,450

Printing costs cover our weekly church programs/bulletins, visitor cards, etc. and will also cover the cost of a sponsorship drive we will be carrying out in the fall.  Additionally, we have set aside funds for office supplies such as pens, name tags, markers, ink, etc. and a fund for office furnishings and technology.  


Our projected travel costs for the year are related to the Pacific Northwest Conference Annual Meeting. We expect to send our Pastor and two Members in Discernment to that meeting. Funds will cover registration, accommodations, and meals.  

Ministries and Events--$11,150

Our third Gospel Drag Tea Party event--which has historically attracted individuals who do not normally feel safe in church settings. Additionally, this event will be a fundraiser for Lifelong AIDS Alliance, with a target of $1,000 to be raised.  

  • A Juneteenth event to commemorate emancipation, celebrate advances towards justice and honor the ongoing need to reckon with the slavery’s legacy. 
  • Our annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day service to be held with our community partners to hold intentional space for discussion of ongoing racism, and the necessity of racial justice work. 
  • A continuation of 7 Last Words of Christ services that amplify and uplift the voices of marginalized people. In past years we have featured women and trans voices during these services and will continue to center this service around groups who are often passed over in sacred spaces.  
  • Our annual Watch Night event, which provides celebrates the emancipation of American slaves in an atmosphere of fellowship and self-reflection.  
  • A Church Retreat focused on developing leadership and participation from within our congregation.  
  • A Leadership Team Retreat that will provide our team with the space to reflect on our past and plan for our future.  
  • Our Feed 50 ministry, a feeding program that provides individuals experiencing homelessness with hot meals, hygiene items, and caring contact. 
  • Our annual Community Celebration Service, a speaker-oriented event and one of our most significant draws in terms of attendance.  


Liberation needs to purchase a license to display the lyrics to worship songs during service. We would also like to be able to supply literature and other materials to low-income members for Bible Study and other ongoing Christian and justice education.  

UCC Dues--$150


  • Savings--iberation has historically led a hand-to-mouth existence. To ensure our ongoing stability, we need to begin building savings. Putting aside $250 per month would allow us to accrue the amount suggested for our congregation by the UCC

  • Building Fund--hile we enjoy a mutually beneficial relationship with the two communities with whom we share space, we feel that a building of our own would allow us to build on our ministries and create new streams of revenue to help sustain our church.  

  • Benevolence Fund--Along with donations made to justice oriented causes, this fund also provides relief to individuals who reach out in need of urgent financial assistance.