Leadership Team Retreat

Leadership Retreat 11/4/17



Ruth: Doing good overall, surgery coming up

Linda: Still a little shocked about Paul’s Job news

Cole: Doing good excited to get things planned

Trina: Liking her new job

Trish: Work is good

Hillary: Settled into the job


General Notes:

  • Get electronic Communication between Moderator, vice moderator & Pastor to keep everyone involved in the larger communication.

  • Can each church create a liaison position to help keep all the congregations abreast of what’s happening?

  • Having a working calendar for leadership with LUCC events as well as and Kadima & Madrona events.

  • Create a treasure position

    • Money Management

    • Stewardship

  • Quarterly Worship Meeting to discuss seasonally thematic stuff.

  • We are going to ask that there be a point person from the leadership team for each event at Liberation that is not always Pastor or Hillary. We will discuss this at our leadership meetings and plan 3 months in advance.

  • Develop a system/form for events moving forward.