December Minutes

December Leadership Team Meeting


  1. Pastor’s report

    1. End of January to-do list

      1. Three representatives meet at BECU to open account

        1. Darrell, Hillary, and Cole will coordinate

      2. Obtain EIN number

        1. Darrell will begin process

      3. Call agreement

        1. Eleta will handle entering our information in the template.

    2. Grant update

      1. It looks like the grant will not allow us to use tithes for the match, but we are in pretty good shape for raising the funds anyway.

  2. Admin report

    1. Will have bookkeeping software by January

  3. Stewardship Team report

    1. Due largely to grant exclusions, we will not be asking the conference or local churches for money. Instead, we will write a letter announcing the grant and prepping them for a future ask.

    2. We will make a move towards being a 100% tithing congregation.

      1. Darrell, Ruth, Kristine, and Cole will meet with a group of members each to establish pledge amounts.

  4. Upcoming events

    1. Christmas Eve-

      1. Everett will handle everything, but a count of those coming from Liberation would be helpful

    2. Watch Night

      1. Cole will handle picking up food from Safeway.

      2. Eleta and Trish will arrive at 6:30 to setup

    3. MLK

      1. Instead of a service, ten representatives from Liberation Kadima, and Madrona Grace will meet to talk about race.

    4. 7 Last Words of Christ

      1. Topic: White Supremacy

      2. Several speakers have already been asked.

  5. January All Church Meeting

    1. Treasurer

      1. It was proposed that we develop and distribute a job description for the treasurer so members are able to spend some time in discernment ahead of the meeting

      2. It was brought up that Tom has agreed to take this position, but was worried about asking for the offering. It was agreed that the offertory can be handled by someone else.

    2. Events

      1. We will determine event stewards for each event.

        1. A flier will be passed out ahead of the meeting so members have time to think about what they would like to be responsible for.