December Minutes

December Leadership Team Meeting


  1. Pastor’s report

    1. End of January to-do list

      1. Three representatives meet at BECU to open account

        1. Darrell, Hillary, and Cole will coordinate

      2. Obtain EIN number

        1. Darrell will begin process

      3. Call agreement

        1. Eleta will handle entering our information in the template.

    2. Grant update

      1. It looks like the grant will not allow us to use tithes for the match, but we are in pretty good shape for raising the funds anyway.

  2. Admin report

    1. Will have bookkeeping software by January

  3. Stewardship Team report

    1. Due largely to grant exclusions, we will not be asking the conference or local churches for money. Instead, we will write a letter announcing the grant and prepping them for a future ask.

    2. We will make a move towards being a 100% tithing congregation.

      1. Darrell, Ruth, Kristine, and Cole will meet with a group of members each to establish pledge amounts.

  4. Upcoming events

    1. Christmas Eve-

      1. Everett will handle everything, but a count of those coming from Liberation would be helpful

    2. Watch Night

      1. Cole will handle picking up food from Safeway.

      2. Eleta and Trish will arrive at 6:30 to setup

    3. MLK

      1. Instead of a service, ten representatives from Liberation Kadima, and Madrona Grace will meet to talk about race.

    4. 7 Last Words of Christ

      1. Topic: White Supremacy

      2. Several speakers have already been asked.

  5. January All Church Meeting

    1. Treasurer

      1. It was proposed that we develop and distribute a job description for the treasurer so members are able to spend some time in discernment ahead of the meeting

      2. It was brought up that Tom has agreed to take this position, but was worried about asking for the offering. It was agreed that the offertory can be handled by someone else.

    2. Events

      1. We will determine event stewards for each event.

        1. A flier will be passed out ahead of the meeting so members have time to think about what they would like to be responsible for.

Leadership Team Retreat

Leadership Retreat 11/4/17



Ruth: Doing good overall, surgery coming up

Linda: Still a little shocked about Paul’s Job news

Cole: Doing good excited to get things planned

Trina: Liking her new job

Trish: Work is good

Hillary: Settled into the job


General Notes:

  • Get electronic Communication between Moderator, vice moderator & Pastor to keep everyone involved in the larger communication.

  • Can each church create a liaison position to help keep all the congregations abreast of what’s happening?

  • Having a working calendar for leadership with LUCC events as well as and Kadima & Madrona events.

  • Create a treasure position

    • Money Management

    • Stewardship

  • Quarterly Worship Meeting to discuss seasonally thematic stuff.

  • We are going to ask that there be a point person from the leadership team for each event at Liberation that is not always Pastor or Hillary. We will discuss this at our leadership meetings and plan 3 months in advance.

  • Develop a system/form for events moving forward.

Leadership Team Meeting Minutes 10/17

  1. Moderator Transition

    1. What does the change look like? New duties? Tabled.

  2. Leadership team portal

    1. What information would be useful here? Meeting notes? Agendas? What else?

The following items will be added to the Leadership Team Portal
-Liberation’s calendar, as well as the calendars of Madrona Grace and Kadima
-UCC events
-Meeting minutes
  1. Leadership Team retreat

    1. What would people like to accomplish (see attached proposal)

It was requested that we take a look at Kadima calendar and make plans to support their events.
  1. Holiday check-in?

    1. Any items we need to deal with as the holiday season approaches?

Ruth will be point-person for Thanksgiving potluck
Clarification of plans for Watchnight
We will forgo regular Sunday service and meet for the Watchnight event instead
Clarification of plans for Christmas Eve.
There will be no service at Liberation on Christmas Eve (a Sunday)
Carpools will be arranged (Linda) to get Lib members to Everett’s service.


January 2018

January 14th -MLK Service

January 21st - Transition Service

January 21st – Church Meeting (With leadership roles in the bulletin)


February 2018

February 18th - Glitter Ash   

March 2018

March 11th – Liberation “Next 10 years”

March 30th – 7 Last words

March 29th – Maundy Thursday in Everett

April 2018

April 1st – Easter Sunday

April 21st – Pastor’s Installation for Everett UCC

April 22nd – New Members Class

April 29th – Family & Friends Sunday (Potluck)

May 2018

May 13th – Mothers Day’s acknowledgment

May 27th – Church Meeting

June 2018


June 23rd – PRIDE booth & LGBT service

July 2018

July 22nd – New Member Class

July 29th – Family & Friends Sunday

August 2018

August 31st -September 2nd

September 2018

September 15th – Feed 50

September 23rd – Church Meeting & New Members Class

September 30th – Family & Friends Sunday

October 2018

October – Pastor Appreciation

November 2018

November 4th – All Saints Day

November 25th Thanksgiving Potluck

December 2018

December 2nd – World AIDS Day/Gospel Tea Party

December 23rd – New Member Class

December 31st – Watch Night

Feed 50 (2nd Saturday)

Leadership Meetings (3rd Sundays)


*Adding birthdays and Anniversaries to cue sheet on 1st Sunday’s of the month


Leadership Team Retreat 11/17

Convene at 10:00 am at Cole’s home in Carnation. Break at 6:00 for dinner :)

11323 296th Ave NE
Carnation, WA 98014

Note: 296th is a small private road and is VERY easy to miss. Watch out for the sign on 203. Call Cole at 425-736-4979 if you get turned around! Scroll to the bottom of this post for detailed directions. 



10:00-10:30 Check-in time

  • Personal check-in
  • Check-in regarding our work for/with Liberation

10:30-12:00  Roles discussion

  • List all the tasks that need to be taken care of by the leadership team.
  • Divvy them up between team members

12:00-1:00- Lunch

1:00-1:30  Goals for the year

1:30-2:30  Event process

  • Create a process for planning events that allows for more even distribution of labor and better dissemination of information.

2:30-4:00 Calendaring

  • Schedule major events for 2018
  • -Anniversary
  • -Easter
  • -Good Friday
  • -12 Feed 50s
  • -BBQ
  • -Team retreat
  • -Church Retreat
  • -Leadership team meetings
  • -Drag Tea (Near Dec 1st)
  • -Thanksgiving Potluck
  • -WatchNight
  • Christmas Eve
  • Church Meetings

  • New Member classes?

  • Others?

4:00-5:00- Moderator transition

5:00-6:00 Funding and Sponsorship

  • Discuss sponsorship drive 
  • Sponsorship messaging
  • Grant



The farm is at 11323 296th Ave. NE, Carnation, WA 98014, which is about halfway between Carnation and Duvall in the Snoqualmie Valley. If that doesn’t mean anything to you we’re basically 25 miles east of downtown Seattle, beyond the suburbs in unincorporated King County.

Most major navigation apps, including Google Maps, will get you to us without problem--though the turn onto our road comes up fast and makes it worth reviewing directions before you start out. 

From the North

If you’re coming from the north (via 520, or through Duvall), 296th is 2.8 miles south of the roundabout at 124th. You’ll pass two signs for Oxbow Organic Farm, then just ¼ mile before the turn there will be a red and white barn on the left, and a sign for Sno-Valley Tilth on the right. Slow down as you round the curve and watch for a cluster of white reflector posts on the left. That’s 296th.

From the South

If you come from the south, through Carnation, watch for the Stillwater Store. The turn is exactly one mile north. When you pass Fay Road slow down, 296th is the next turn on the right just around the curve… again watch for the cluster of white reflector posts.

Once you are on 296th continue up the hill and keep left at the fork. When you pass under the power lines our property will be on your left. Drive past Cole’s garden, etc. in the pasture, and turn left into the driveway just past the black and white striped mailbox.